Sapatos Italianos Fredrik Welin passou os ltimos doze anos da sua vida numa ilha do B ltico rodeada de gelo tendo como nica companhia o seu c o e a sua gata e como nica visita o carteiro Um dia v uma figura aproxima

  • Title: Sapatos Italianos
  • Author: Henning Mankell
  • ISBN: 9789722348324
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fredrik Welin passou os ltimos doze anos da sua vida numa ilha do B ltico rodeada de gelo, tendo como nica companhia o seu c o e a sua gata, e como nica visita o carteiro Um dia, v uma figura aproximar se lentamente e percebe que nada voltar a ser o mesmo A pessoa que vem perturbar o seu ex lio autoimposto Harriet, a mulher que ele abandonou sem qualquer explica Fredrik Welin passou os ltimos doze anos da sua vida numa ilha do B ltico rodeada de gelo, tendo como nica companhia o seu c o e a sua gata, e como nica visita o carteiro Um dia, v uma figura aproximar se lentamente e percebe que nada voltar a ser o mesmo A pessoa que vem perturbar o seu ex lio autoimposto Harriet, a mulher que ele abandonou sem qualquer explica o h quase quarenta anos Harriet diz vir obrig lo a honrar uma promessa que ele lhe fizera, mas Fredrik est prestes a descobrir que o seu reaparecimento esconde outra surpresaSapatos Italianos o novo romance de Henning Mankell, autor do protagonista da s rie televisiva Wallander , e cujas obras j venderam mais de 30 milh es de exemplares em todo o mundo.

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    1. Floresta - SuéciaUpdate - 26-02-2017O sueco Henning Mankell (1945 - 2015) é um dos meus escritores preferidos, acompanho de uma forma contínua os seus magníficos livros policiais, com destaque óbvio para os protagonizados por Kurt Wallander. A sua longa ligação a Moçambique onde foi Director do Teatro Avenida em Maputo e o seu envolvimento em inúmeras “causas humanitárias” no continente africano, com destaque para “SOS Children´s Villages” e “Save the Children”, colocaram- [...]

    2. This novel is not part of the Wallander series and no crime is involved. It may be unusual in that the two most important characters are both old. Frederick Welin is a surgeon, now retired, who lives on a Swedish island. But for his cat and his dog, both of whom are also old, he lives alone. Given his anti-social tendencies that may be just as well. The only regular contact he has is with Jansson, a postman who delivers what little mail he gets. Jansson is a hypochondriac who regularly has Welin [...]

    3. Een bijzonder verhaalFredrik die 12 jaar alleen op zijn eiland woont en zijn demonen en jeugdtrauma's probeert te ontvluchten. Hij zit in een impassetdat z'n vroegere jeugdliefde over het ijs naar hem toe komt. Samen maken ze een roadtripwaarbij Fredrik verschillende mensen, waaronder z'n dochter, ontmoet en langzamerhand z'n demonen en jeugdtrauma's onder ogen ziet. Hij krijgt weer zin in het leven.Eenvoudig maar weergaloos mooi geschreven verhaal!! Ik ga zeker meer van Henning Mankell lezen!

    4. Es lo primero que leo de Henning Mankell y lo hice porque alguien me dijo que sus mejores novelas eran las no policiacas. No puedo opinar porque acabo de llegar a Mankell.Zapatos italianos (cuyo título, en mi opinión, es desafortunado) aborda dos temas muy recurrentes en la literatura: la muerte y las segundas oportunidades. Mankell se las ingenia para que ningún personaje caiga bien (los únicos que se salvan son los perros, el gato y las hormigas, y eso porque van a lo suyo y no se meten co [...]

    5. Not a mystery, for once! After distrastrously amputating the wrong arm of a patient, former surgen Fredik Welin hides himself out in his grandparents' old house on an isolated island in Sweden's outer archipelago. During the winter, just to remind himself he is still living, he cuts open a hole in the ice and drops down naked into the freezing water below. Life has had little meaning for him the last 12 years since his great catastrophe as a surgeon, but all that changes when one winter morning, [...]

    6. For the life of me, I don’t understand all the rave reviews this book has received. It only took me two days to read, and after a slew of verbose, florid and over used adjective laden novels, I was initially drawn in by the author’s sparse writing style, but, that wasn’t enough to make the novel. It could have been such an interesting story but eventually became far too ridicules and unbelievable. Every chapter ended with another implausible scenario to the point that my finishing the book [...]

    7. The Boston Globe calls Henning Mankell the "master of atmosphere." This sense of atmosphere is what keeps me reading his Kurt Wallander mysteries, set in Sweden. This book, Italian Shoes, is not a Kurt Wallander mystery; however, it contains many of the elements of the Wallander series: a wounded main character who is lost in his own past failings; a landscape as cold and barren as the main character's life; and a parade of secondary characters as eccentric as they are deeply developed. Also, th [...]

    8. Swedish author Henning Mankell is known for his Kurt Wallander mystery series, books I intend to check out even though I am not a huge fan of the genre. The writing, at times sparse, at times lyrical, always wonderful, pushed this novel from a 4 to a 5 star for me. The very first quote drew me in"When the shoe fits, you don't think about the foot" Chuang Chou. The character development is subtle and spot on as you are drawn into the main character's life and come to understand the choices he has [...]

    9. What I knew of Henning Mankell prior to reading this novel is limited to a Greek TV interview (parts 1, 2, and 3 here – the interview itself is in English, so feel free to watch) and also the various essays he’s published related to his activism in Mozambique and Palestine. To a certain extent, therefore, as I read I was comparing the protagonist & narrator of Italian Shoes to the author himself. This is not to say that the novel is autobiographical, but there are specific themes in Ital [...]

    10. Com este livro, conheci um novo autor que consegue expressar emoções e fazer chegar essas mesmas emoções a quem tiver oportunidade de o ler.É um livro que fala ao coração sobretudo acerca de solidão. Um livro que nos transporta ao futuro, permite-nos ver um pouco das consequências quando nos desligamos e não enfrentamos as realidades. Fala do que é envelhecer e não ter nada por que viver. Também fala de reencontros. . . e encontros. Fala do amor a animais, mas também da sua perda. [...]

    11. BREAKING NEWS JAN 2011: Brannagh and Hopkins are filming this book.Product DescriptionOnce a successful surgeon, Frederick Welin now lives in self-imposed exile on an island in the Swedish archipelago. Nearly twelve years have passed since he was disgraced for attempting to cover up a tragic mishap on the operating table. One morning in the depths of winter, he sees a hunched figure struggling towards him across the ice. His past is about to catch up with him. The figure approaching in the freez [...]

    12. This book produced a number of vivid and often bizarre images for me. Here is a list of the most memorable: the desolate island seascape; the cold white of the bitter winter; the living room with the ant hill slowly consuming the table cloth; Jansson, the hypochondriac postman with the hydrocopter and his many layers of clothes; Fredrik chopping a hole in the ice and bathing in the icy sea water just to remind himself that he is alive; the appearance of Harriet after 37 years, standing with her [...]

    13. Fredrik Welin has been living on a small rocky Swedish island with no houses in sight. He retreated from the world twelve years ago after making a terrible mistake as a surgeon. Then Harriet, a lover he abandoned years ago, shows up at his island asking Fredrik to keep an old promise to take her to a special forest pool. From that beginning, a series of other connections begins.The book is a psychological study where Fredrik attempts to redeem himself for past mistakes. The other characters also [...]

    14. Uopće nije loše.i zvjezdice zbog toga što sam dobila ono što nisam očekivala:))Ovo nije nikakav krimi ili napeti triler. Priča o usamljenosti,potrazi za smislom u životu,pronalasku obitelji,starosti,bolesti i konačno,o završetku životnog ciklusa ,na udaljenom švedskom otoku ,sa tek pokojim stanovnikom

    15. This was such a weird book. Felt very meandering and pointless and strangely plotted but like the kind of book that you could picture some really highbrow literary person saying was sooooooo amazing and had all these hidden themes and meanings but an average reader ( like me) would be totally baffled by

    16. Not a page turner. Not a mystery, at least, not a typical Mankell mystery. Italian Shoes is rather like an exercise in learning how to read slowly and sumptuously. Sixty-six year old Frederick Welin for the last twelve years has lived reclusively on an island, formerly owned by his grandparents, in an archipelago off the coast of Sweden. He was an educated man, a medical man. who made a mistake which drove him Grendel-like to the edge of civilization. As a result, he had all the time in the worl [...]

    17. ITALIAN SHOES. (2006; trans. 2009). Henning Mankell. ****1/2.I stumbled across this book in a used-book store, not knowing what it was about. First off, it is not a book in the author’s famous Kurt Wallander series of detective novels. It is, however, one of the finest novels that I have ever read. It is a tale about a surgeon and his efforts to forget a mistake he made years ago in his practice. In order to facilitate this, he has moved to a remote island off of mainland Sweden, and lives wit [...]

    18. Because of the Masterpiece series, and also having seen some Swedish episodes of Kurt Wallander, I started reading Henning Mankell. I've enjoyed the Wallander books, but Mankell also writes general fiction. The narrator of this story lives alone on a Swedish island trying to escape from a past where, as a surgeon, he made a tragic error. One day he sees a woman on the ice coming towards him. She brings to life a past he tried to ignore and forget, and her dying wish is that he fulfill a promise [...]

    19. "Vivia sozinho naquela ilha há doze anos. Agora era como se a ilha tivesse sido invadida por três mulheres."Fredrik Welin tem 66 anos e é o único habitante de uma ilha do Báltico. Há 12 anos que vive isolado da sociedade, tendo como companhia o seu cão, a sua gata e uma comunidade de formigas que se apoderaram de um cantinho na sua sala de estar.O único contacto humano que tem é com o carteiro, Jansson, a quem proibiu de trazer publicidade. O antigo cirurgião não gosta muito do homem, [...]

    20. Henning Mankell has written some amazing books -- his Kurt Wallander mystery stories about a Swedish policeman are superb, and recently he has also written interesting books set in whole or part in Africa (such as "The Eye of the Leopard.) "Italian Shoes" is a much different work. It is set mainly in an isolated coastal area of Northern Sweden, is not an action or mystery novel, and recounts the late-life changes that hit a grim and self-punishing Swedish doctor who has turned himself into a nea [...]

    21. This novel is a little different to the well-known Wallander series. It focuses on a retired surgeon who left his profession in disgrace and lives alone on a small island in the Stockholm archipelago. His heart is as frozen as the Baltic waters in winter and he believes that the rest of his life will be lived out in this way. However, all this changes when his former lover, a woman whom he had abandoned many years previously, turns up unexpectedly on the island to demand that he fulfills a promi [...]

    22. Readers! This is truly a book which is beautifully written, narrated with emotions which complex you, simple characters, simplicity personified through the life of the main character who banishes himself to the cold freezing ice covered island of Sweden where he lives a life of loneliness, sorrow and repent. But footprints in the snow one fine morning changes his life forevere book is meant to be slow, taking the reader through all the emotions of cold biting winter and cold biting remembrance o [...]

    23. In medicine, a mistake, is often irreversible and lives are changed forever. One day you are a surgeon. then, do you end up on a island in a house where an anthill occupies one of the bedrooms? This is a beautifully written, intriguingly, unpredictable story with an eclectic cast of characters. A story of self-isolation and loneliness abruptly ends when a figure from his past finds Fredrik on his island. Life as it was is no more. One change leads to another and his life will never be the same. [...]

    24. ITALIAN SHOES OK, I admit, I read it in translation. This is not one of Mankell's mysteries so maybe, just maybe, his fans won't be interested. But that would be a mistake. A wonderful story of a retired doctor living a solitary existence on a remote Swedish island, who thinks he has removed himself from life, when an old woman appears on the ice pushing a walker. Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, he now has a family. One of the finest looks at aging and family I've come across in a long time. Th [...]

    25. Juist op tijd uitgelezen voor de bespreking in de bib leesclub vanavond. En raar maar waar, deze keer was ik diegene met de meeste bedenkingen (niet zoveel, maar voldoende om vanochtend 3 sterren te geven).Een boek met primeurs: de eerste Mankell, maar ook het eerste boek waarvan ik de achterflap niet gelezen had en dus heel grote verrassing. :-) Pro: Zeer vlot geschreven, prachtige beschrijvingen van het eiland, de weersomstandigheden, het ijs en de koude. Geloofwaardige en krachtige personages [...]

    26. Korte inhoud:Fredrik Welin woont op een eiland, helemaal alleen samen met zijn hond en kat. Op een dag staat er een vrouw met een rollator op het ijs. Ze is Harriet, die hij vroeger verlaten heeft en ze is doodziek. Ze wil het vennetje zien dat hij haar toen beloofd had om te gaan bezichtigen. En dan gaat de bal aan het rollen.Mening:Italiaanse schoenen gaat over een zonderlinge man, die zich teruggetrokken heeft op een eiland na een professionele fout. Zoveel jaar geleden heeft hij Harriet in d [...]

    27. Novela sobre la soledad, la supervivencia y la soberbia de algunas personas disfraza de carácter duro. Es un largo recorrido por un año de vida de un adulto mayor que tiene la posibilidad de recuperar algo de su vida, de la vida que siempre se negó a tener. Un golpe para las personas que se sienten muy seguras de sus decisiones.

    28. Komorní drama s hlavními hrdiny na konci svého života. Pro mě hodně překvapivé. Líbilo, ale k Fredrikovi jsem si hledala cestu celou knihu :)

    29. ITALIAN SHOES by Henning Mankell goes to prove, once again, that a really good writer is a really good writer, regardless of the genre, styling, or setting of the book. Exploring the themes of estrangement, loss, fear and isolation ITALIAN SHOES isn't a crime fiction novel, it's a poignant, beautiful, sad, uplifting and evocative look at a man, his life, his mistakes and his redemption.Frederick Welin is sixty-six years old, a former surgeon who has spent the last 12 years of his life, purposely [...]

    30. A strange and melancholic story of a man hiding away from life on his lonely island. It made me quite sad and I don't really know what to think about it. I think Mankell wanted to write about a charmless man in his late sixties who finally gets his comeuppance, so to speak. Life catches up with him, his first love he once abandoned without a single word of explanation, a daughter he never knew existed, a woman he mutilated during a surgery years before - Fredrik Welin used to be a surgeon and by [...]

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