Reunion At last New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster returns to his acclaimed Humanx universe where a young human orphan called Flinx seeks to unlock the dangerous secrets of his past and the

  • Title: Reunion
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • ISBN: 9780345418685
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • At last, New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster returns to his acclaimed Humanx universe, where a young human orphan called Flinx seeks to unlock the dangerous secrets of his past and the uncertain prospects of his future with the aid of the formidable minidrag known as Pip This is the most mind bending Pip and Flinx adventure yet a roller coaster ride into thAt last, New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster returns to his acclaimed Humanx universe, where a young human orphan called Flinx seeks to unlock the dangerous secrets of his past and the uncertain prospects of his future with the aid of the formidable minidrag known as Pip This is the most mind bending Pip and Flinx adventure yet a roller coaster ride into the unknown, filled with wonder and humor, and a host of deadly adversaries.Using his enhanced empathic abilities, Flinx finesses his way into a top secret security installation on Earth Once there, he bamboozles a sophisticated AI program into releasing classified information about the Meliorare Society, the sect of renegade eugenicists whose experiments with human beings had horrified the civilized universe than twenty years ago After all, as one of the few Meliorare experiments to survive, Flinx has a right to know about his past Especially since his telepathic powers seem to be evolving The question is, evolving into what The excruciating headaches afflicting Flinx with increasing frequency make him wonder if he will be alive to find out RST TIME IN PAPERBACK

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    1. Flinx is on his self-discovery kick (as usual) and thanks to a bit of a logic hijinx on an AI, he's hot on the trail of the group who created him and people like him. Those gene-eng bastards! Enter new locations, strange planets, awesome man-eating plants and animals, and big surprises on grand scales.Sound like formula? Well, yeah. It is. It's pretty much a standard for adventure, but these books are following the same trail like clockwork. :) Is that a problem? I personally don't think so. In [...]

    2. There is more than one Reunion in this instalment of the Humanx Commonwealth series, one more obvious than the other.On his continuing journey of self-discovery, Flinx doubles back on his path and ends up back on Earth again, for the second time (unlike most of us, he wasn’t born there). Perhaps it’s because of this that this episode didn’t grip me as immediately as some of the others. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve read so many of these books back-to-back now, that I’m starting to e [...]

    3. I have read not only all of the flinx and pip novels but almost all of Foster's other novels. This novel was not up to the beginning of the series -- Tar Aym Krang, Orphan Star, End of the Matter, Bloodhype, but was better than the last two books wich seem merely to be written to extend the series until Foster can figure out how to end it.

    4. The Reunion in the title is not all positive, Flinx is still searching for information about himself, and finds more than he wants to about his future. Go action and a nice continuation of the story line. Good series, check it out.

    5. Not only have I not read these books in the order they were written, but the order in which they were written is not really the order in which they should be read anyway. So I get a little confused.Anyway, good news is that ADF has at least one, maybe two more Pip and Flinx books on the way. So contrary to what Gar and I were discussing, yes, ADF still does actually write NOVELS, not just movie tie-ins.For those who are interested, here is the chronological order of the series, and the years in [...]

    6. Though I rated this four stars, I am disappointed at a few aspects of this mid-point installment of the Flinx and Pip saga. There was a gap in time between the last novel and this one, and it shows. In the opening quarter or so of the story Flinx behaves almost like a completely different character from the rest of the series. I may have missed a crucial plot point due to the inevitable stresses and adventures of my own rather less epic life, but why I wonder is Flinx so driven to find every scr [...]

    7. This book advance Flinx's story a minuscule amount, just enough to get you to read it. Another of the "cash cow" variety. Flinx does use his mental powers a bit in this one; it is too little and too late to really salvage that part of the story for me.I wanted for Flinx to develop and use his psionic talents. The series is now something like 13 books and his mental talents are still unreliable and pretty much useless; this was a very, very, very big disappointment to me for the series as a whole [...]

    8. Reunion is the 7th book chronologically in the Pip & Flinx series. This installment finds Flinx continuing to follow every lead he can to learn more information about his biological parents. An espionage mission into a library on Earth leads to an excursion into the AAnn Empire. Foster's worlds are always inventive, but this particular planet is by design a bit less interesting than the prior few worlds Flinx has visited. Pyrassis is primarily a rock planet, with plenty of rocks and minerals [...]

    9. Book 8Flinx is looking for information about his Father in the Earth archives. Almost in his grasp the computer is destroyed after giving a few clues. This causes a trip to the Aann Empire and a actual reunion. Action, detailed world building, clever twists and turns and a lurking plant make this a great addition to the series.

    10. This novel got a bit tedious, though I do always enjoy Foster's descriptions of alien planets, and the weird creatures he comes up with always give me fun ideas for later encounters in various RPGs.

    11. This book was a bit darker than the books earlier in Flinx's life and definitely should be read after the others. While I knew he wouldn't die, he does go through a long trial that was difficult to experience. It took a while before the titled reunion occurs, though I had predicted who it would be with. The book begins with Flinx using his abilities in a way I found discomforting. While he is fine with theft, deception, etc he typically is careful to avoid really hurting others, especially the i [...]

    12. I discovered Science Fiction as a genre around the time I was 12. It is my most favorite genre, and I spent most of my youth reading any and all SF I could get my hands on. I first met Flinx in "The Tar-Aiym Krang". I read other books in the series as they came out for a while. I am now back in the series. Each book in the series moves Flinx's life forward, but is a complete adventure in itself.Flinx and his minidrag Pip continue the search for information about Flinx's past, information that th [...]

    13. This is the first time I've picked up an Alan Dean Foster book since I was a kid. Now it makes sense why I found it so hard to finish some of them. Events that are supposed to be exciting and marvelous are conveyed in the past tense, with polysyllabic extrusions of verbal exactitude that made my auricular lobes shudder with extruberance. That wasn't entirely fair. The man writes with excellent grammar, and has a an amazing vocabulary, but his apparent stylistic choice to always go for the most s [...]

    14. This story takes Flinx and Pip back to Earth where he again tries to infiltrate the Church's files on himself and the Melliorare Society. This time he is stopped not by being caught or distracted from his quest but because the information has once again been taken and tampered with. To follow the only lead he has he must follow a food company ship to faraway Pyrassis. Who and why would anyone steal his personal information, only to take it off planet and past the boundaries of Humanx Commonwealt [...]

    15. Pip and Flinx. What’s not to like?Foster has done his usual workmanlike job of spinning yet another yarn about the adventures of the two, but the story line is a bit thin. Just a bit. I got the feeling that it was forced; a matter of churning out another story in the series because fans demand it and it pays well.Yes, there’s enough meat there to keep the fans happy, but some of the parts seem to be filler.BUT: Will I read it again? Yes.Do I want more? Definitely!

    16. Very good continuation of Flinx mysteries, adding more diverse living characters of highly unusual 'nature' that are extremely interested in Flinx's survival and having him be part of the 'great' Blight solution. Did find a discrepancy in the story where the AAnn cause enough damage to the Crotase to prevent KK-drive from sub space travel yet upon retaking that ship from the AAnn they immediately use KK-drive to escape via space-plus.

    17. I have loved Flinx and Pip since the very first book I read with these two, which was, as a matter of fact, the fourth book. So intrigued was I, I had to buy the proceeding three and have tried to keep up with the two of them since; not always easy with a growing boy. I see there are several listed that I don't have. I certainly will have to remedy that!

    18. Intriguing exemplar of the idea that the vitality of a series decays exponentially with each successive volume. Otherwise, passable airplane reading - keeps one's mind off delays and dangerous landings but perhaps not long waits on the tarmac sans urination.

    19. It was pretty good, but then I like most of the books in the Flinx and Pip series. I just wish it had a better ending, it didn't feel resolved and left me wondering if the main character got anything from his adventure.

    20. I really feel like Foster dug deep into the thesaurus for this entry. There's a LOT of excessive and elaborate word usage going on and it's really tripping up my reading. Hoping this doesn't become a common thing going forward.

    21. Continued fun reads, though falling into a rather predictable pattern:* Discover new world* Get lost/abandoned/forced to deal with new world* Find unexpected help* ResolutionIncluding a lot of exposition in the form of not particularly memorable or exciting dialog. But still, fun.

    22. Better than I expected, I look forward to reading a lot more Foster, including the rest of this series.

    23. I've read this entire series of "Flinx" novels years ago, and am rereading them now. I only remembered a bit from this one, and it was very enjoyable to read again.

    24. And nothing happens again. And there's again too much description of unimportant stuff. And the plot holes are becoming bigger and bigger. -_- The boring plot here reigns supreme.

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